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    West Point, NY Museums

    The West Point Museum collects, preserves, and presents a large collection of US Army and some other branch militaria, historic items, and other material, and oversees the administration of Fort Putnam, a Revolutionary War era fort. Guided tours are available.

    President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a local Hudson Valley native, from Hyde Park, about an hour north of West Point. The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum was the first of its kind, preserving papers and artifacts from that administration. Springwood, the Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site was President Roosevelt's private home, and is now his gravesite. Tours are available. Mrs. Roosevelt's former home, Val-Kill, was about two miles away and is today the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, also available to tour.

    The Vanderbilt National Historic Site was the home of Frederick Vanderbilt, an incredible rich man from the wealthy Vanderbilt family. The mansion is today a showcase for the art, furniture, and other collected items of Mr. Vanderbilt, as well as his stately manor.

    Not all of the museums around here are history oriented! The Hudson Highlands Natural History Museum is focused on natural history, environmental concerns, wildlife, and other natural science subjects. The HHNM also has a Wildlife Discovery Center, an Outdoor Education Center, education programs for several ages, weekend and evening activities for various ages (including adults), and mini-camps and birthday parties for children.

    The Storm King Art Center is an open air art museum and sculpture park with a collection of remarkably big sculptures in various styles and schools. The Art Center occasionally holds events, including concerts, talks with artists, and assorted other events.

    The Garrison Art Center is an art making center, with serious and casual art education programming, including silkscreening, printmaking, ceramics, and painting offerings.

    The Poughkeepsie Bridge was once the longest bridge in the world, and is today the longest footbridge in the world, and connects networks of walking paths on opposing sides of the Hudson River.

    The Brotherhood Winery is the oldest winery in the USA, established in 1838 and continuing through Prohibition. This is a private business, but tours are available for a fee.

    The Boscobel House and Gardens are a local events center, which routinely hosts concerts, garden walks, and other distractions.

    The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival brings Shakespeare to the modern world, and the organization also runs a Shakespeare theater camp.